Today I’m going to be doing something a bit different, and that’s talking about a wonderful game I discovered through other members of the Adventure Game Jam in 2019: The Crimson Diamond!

The Title screen in the 2019 demo

In the Crimson Diamond, the player takes the role of Nancy Maple, an aspiring mineralogist looking for an…

The first video game console I fell in love with was the N64, and at the time I was blown away by Super Mario 64. One of the first things I can remember designing as a kid, racing home for dinner from my friend’s house, were ideas for custom levels…

In a narrative heavy game, most often the story follows the pace of the player, and it is the character’s interactions with the player that make them interesting, designed mostly for delivering narrative in a very first person format.

But does that have to be true? It certainly has merit…

If you’ve ever played a PC game from the 90s, you may have seen a particular kind of animation where certain pixels on the screen quickly switched through a small set of values:

The fens castle in “Conquests of the Longbow”

Neato! But what exactly is going on?

This technique, also known as palette swapping, works by changing the color mappings of an indexed image…

Stephen Schroeder

Digital and Tabletop Game Developer

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